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Vacuspeed® – for effective and fast floor insulation

VACUSPEED® offers a fast and efficient solution wherever effective floor insulation is required. During renovations for example, measurement often cannot be performed until the building fabric is exposed. Unforeseeable surprises frequently also appear in the case of new constructions. A fast and simple solution is now available with the VACUSPEED® system, if you wish to very effectively and space savingly insulate surfaces with vacuum insulation panels. Using our VACUSPEED® system, you measure the surface and order the VACUSPEED® vacuum insulation panels appropriate to the case. VACUSPEED® is immediately available ex warehouse in the desired quantities and panel sizes.

The efficient floor, roof and terrace insulation is now even easier and more flexible with seven new VACUSPEED® sizes. Even more, the three different thicknesses and the three available layer versions allow almost unlimited possibilities to achieve the desired level of insulation at low structural heights.

In order to achieve quick and efficient insulation, we offer the standardized VACUSPEED® panels in three thicknesses straight from the warehouse. The covered versions are ready for shipment in just a few working days.

Typical applications for thermal insulation with VACUSPEED® include for example rooms without cellars, attics and patios. VACUSPEED® is also suitable for insulating cold room floors.

Verlegung von VACUSPEED

Easy use

VACUSPEED® is quick and easy to use – particularly for insulation in the floor area - when laid as directed.



Suitable for all types of floors and patios

With VACUSPEED®, you can save valuable space during insulation and effectively implement solutions for smooth transitions with patios for example.


Special applications

VACUSPEED® is always the first-choice insulating material when it comes to space-saving and effective surface insulation. VACUSPEED® can be quickly and efficiently used in commercial fields too, such as in cold rooms for example.